Why Bill Gates prioritises sleep now and you should do the same


Recalling early day

In a recent episode of his podcast & Isquo; Unconfuse me with Bill Gates & Isquo;, the Microsoft founder spoke about his messy sleep routine in his early days. He said he used to think sleep was laziness and unnecessary in his 30s and 40

What Changed?

However, this notion quickly changed when Gates' father William Henry Gates II was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, and died of it in 2020

Why Sleep is important?

Now what we know is that to maintain brain health, getting good sleep even back to teen years is super important. One of the strongest things to emerge in the Alzheimer’s area is the importance of good sleep,” Gates said."

Key Predictive factor?

It’s one of the most predictive factors of any dementia, including Alzheimer’s, whether you’re getting good sleep,” said the billionaire in his podcast."

How Long should you sleep?

Gates is in fact, not wrong, as years of research suggests that you do need to sleep to keep dementia and Alzheimer's at bay. A study conducted by Harvard Medical School found that at least six to eight hours of sleep is necessary to be healthy.

How to prevent dementia?

Harvard further said that inadequate sleep in midlife raises one's risk of dementia. 'Poor sleep can increase one's risk of developing dementia 25 years or more in the future,' it said.

Good News from Harvard

As per Harvard, researchers in Toronto and Chicago have found that t better sleep not only reduced the likelihood of developing clinical Alzheimer's disease, but it also reduced the development of tangle pathology in the brain — another substance that accumulates in Alzheimer's disease.

Learning from Bill Gate

Gates in his podcast said that he now pays more attention to his daily sleep 'score' and monitors his sleep quality and length as he understands the importance of it


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