US President's Joe Biden's G20 Arrival: A Look Inside Security Grid

September 9, 2023


US President's arrival

Preparation for President Joe Biden's arrival in Delhi for the G20 Summit began weeks ago. He will arrive on Sept 8 morning and will be the first to depart from India on Thursday.

The Beast

Biden will travel in 'The Beast,' the US Presidential Cadillac, the world's strongest and safest bulletproof car

Biden's stay

Biden and US delegates will stay at the ITC Maurya Sheraton hotel, with staff undergoing background checks and special access cards issued for the 14th floor

Close Protection Team

Highly trained officers aged 21 to 28 will protect the President with pistols, long-range and short-range weapons including M4, Glock, and bullet-resistant sheet

Three-Layer security

Security will comprise India's paramilitary force, Special Protection Group commandos, and Secret Service agent

Anti-Drone Measure

Anti-drone systems will be installed, and NSG and Army snipers will be stationed on high-rise buildings in Delhi

Security Grid

The US has its own dedicated security system, including a control room, communication equipment, laptops, secure lines, and medical assistance. Four-legged bomb detectors will sanitize areas for the President's visit

In case of threat​

American agencies have planned evacuation routes through airports and ports.

Deployment of Army

According to officials, nearly 130,000 security personnel, including 80,000 Delhi Police officers, will safeguard Delhi during the G20 Summit

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