Top 10 Places around the World to visit with child

September 17, 2023



The food is excellent, and children will especially enjoy the classic ice cream shops. Additionally, there is an incredible diversity of outdoor activities and scenery, and animal viewing is unmatched.


Bali would charm any family with its captivating Hindu culture and breathtaking tropical scenery. However, there is also no shortage of entertaining activities to keep kids entertained, from Gitgit's waterfall swimming to Ubud's monkey forest


Bhutan may be the ideal destination for families with children who are interested in experiencing history firsthand—not just by gazing at historical artifacts but also by being in a location that was drastically different even during their parents' lifetime

Costa Rica

There are many outdoor activities available, like horseback riding, zip lining, camping, and hiking, as one might anticipate


France is renowned for its museums and cultural attractions. Although there are undoubtedly more adult-oriented attractions, France is also well recognized for the Eiffel Tower, which is a big hit with my kid


Havana offers a wide range of family-friendly attractions in addition to witnessing the fading grandeur of this vibrant city. It offers a welcoming expanse of greenery, a great location for a picnic, access to the river for rowing, and crazy golf

New Zealand

The sulphur smell in Rotorua, the tiny living lights in the Waitomo glowworm caverns, and the bubbling springs at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula will all fascinate children. You can go at your own pace if you rent a motorhome

United Kingdom

Families travel to the UK to visit iconic historical sites like Stonehenge, which is a short day trip from London. Cornwall's coast is popular with Britons but is still mostly unexplored by tourist


For families with children who enjoy beaches, history, and the outdoors, Vietnam is a fantastic destination

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