Top 10 Interesting facts to know about "The Beast" US President car

OCTOBER 02, 2023

By:  UET

US president Car "The Beast" is built by General Motors Cadillac brand, cost a whopping $15.8 million.

The wight of US President car is somewhere aroung 6800 kg to 9100 kg and has a space for 7 person.

The length of car is around 5.5 meters from bumper to bumper

The Beast has some interesting equipment in terms of safety equipment purpose like hermetically sealed again chemical attacks, device for night vision, smoke screens and oil slicks as defensive measure against attacker

The US president car seat is said to have satellite phone which connect directly to the vice president.  

The Beast is also has a feature of firefighting system, an oxygen system in the trunk in case of a chemical attack.

US president car also has stores of blood in the president type for an emergency situation.

The Beast is made of aluminium, ceramic and steel.  

External wall of The Beast is of eight inches in thickness. White the window is multi layered and has a thickness of 5 inches.

It is believed that the wight of each door as much as those on Boeing 757.

The door has some special features like that doors handles can electrify to prevent unwanted entry.

The tyres has a steel rims, shred and puncture resistant and heat-resistant synthetic fibre. This heat resistant technique called Kevlar. Which is also used in ballistic body armour.

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