Top 10 Best-rated Apple Varieties in the World




Minnesota, USA: Honeycrisp are American native apples originating from the University of Minnesota. They have a balanced sweet-tart flavor, and a crisp and juicy texture

Mila Zagoras Piliou

Zagora, Greece: Mila Zagoras Piliou are apples obtained from the Starking Delicious variety in Zagora, Makrirahi and Pouriou on the eastern side of Pilio

Firiki Piliou

Magnesia, Greece: These are small-to-medium-sized apple with an elongated shape. They're yellowish-green color, with some reddish patche

MaCA Bravo de Esmolfe

Viseu District, Portugal: This variety of apples is characterized by its long shelf life and intense, unique fragrance.

Fuji Apple

Aomori Prefecture, Japan: These are red-yellow coloured skin apples with creamy white flesh that's renowned for its exceptional sweetness, low acidity, juiciness, firmness, and crispine

Granny Smith Apple

New South Wales, Australia: These apples have a bright green skin and are known for their tart & crunchy flavour.

McIntosh Apple

Dundela, Canada: These apples have a vivid red color brushed with bright green blushes and often white spots. They have a strong sweet and tart flavor with hints of spice. They are crisp and juicy

Idared Apple

Moscow, USA: The apples are medium-sized with a bright red and green-red color. The flesh is juicy, crisp, and firm, while the flavors are sweet, tart, aromatic, and refreshing.

Jazz apple

New Zealand: These crisp-fleshed apples have sweet and tangy flavor

Mila Delicious Pilafa Tripoleo

Tripoli, Greece: These apples are green-yellow in colour with dark brown spots. The taste is just slightly acidic and their fragrance is very unusual, similar to that of banana

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