Saka's Shocking Injury Shakes Arsenal: Will He Face Man City?

October 04, 2023

By:  UET

Bukayo Saka's recent injury setback raises concerns at Arsenal

Manager Mikel Arteta expresses worry over Saka's injury.

Saka, dealing with prior Premier League injuries, starts in the Champions League.

Saka contributes by creating a goal but is forced off the field after 34 minute

Lens equalizes through Adrien Thomasson, and Elye Wahi scores the winning goal

Arsenal faces its first defeat of the season.

Saka's injury is described as a muscular issue, severity uncertain.

Doubts arise about Saka's availability for the upcoming match against Manchester City

Arteta defends starting Saka, citing the injury as a result of in-game action

Arsenal maintains its standing with three points in Group B.

Arteta acknowledges the challenges of winning away games in the Champions League

The defeat is seen as a valuable lesson for the team

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