My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3: Who Gets Married

September 9, 2023


Nia's Greek Love Story

Nia Vardalos, creator, director, and star, returns for more Greek family fun

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Recall the massive success of the first film, a $5 million budget blockbuster

Toula's Love Story

After defying her parents, Toula finds love with Ian, a non-Greek

Hollywood Sequel Syndrome

It took 14 years for the sequel, but it couldn't capture the magic

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3"

The Portokalos family gathers in Athens to honor a beloved member

A Personal Touch

Nia Vardalos infuses her grief into the story after real-life losse

Paris' Love Story

Tula and Ian's daughter, Paris, embarks on a romantic journey

Familiar Ethnic Humor

The film revisits ethnic humor but struggles to recapture the charm

A Bittersweet Return

Enjoy the beautiful Greek locations, but feel the absence of the magic

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