Iphone 15 Launch:8 changes to expect


September 12, 2023

iPhone 15 launch: Lightning port

iPhone 15 series is expected to come with a USB-C port, which means the Lightning port will be replaced this time

iPhone 15 launch: Dynamic Island

The Dynamic Island is expected to come to even base models of iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 launch: Mute/Ring Switch

According to reports, the mute/ring switch of the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to be replaced with an actual button

iPhone 15 launch: 48MP Camera Sensor

Reports suggest that iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Plus will get 48MP sensors this time

iPhone 15 launch: New Colour

You can expect the iPhone 15 Pro to come in new colour options like Silver, Space Black Titan Grey and Dark Blue

iPhone 15 launch: Gloss Back Glass

According to reports, the glossy glass back, introduced on the iPhone 4, is expected to go away this year

iPhone 15 launch: Costlier

Some reports suggest that the entry-level iPhone model is going to be costlier this time

iPhone 15 launch: No iphone Pro Max

This is likely to be just a name change as iPhone 15 Pro Max might be named as iPhone 15 Ultra

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