Foods to eat after having a tooth extraction

September 14, 2023


Mashed Potato

A versatile root vegetable, potatoes can be prepared in a variety of ways. They could be soothing to mash after getting your wisdom teeth removed


Pudding is very easy to make which makes it one of the best foods to consume after tooth extraction. Also it will keep you full for quiet a long time


Greek yogurt is beneficial for a wide range of conditions. Additionally, you can add your own fruit or jam to spice it up a little

Scrambled Egg

When you're ready to begin carefully chewing with your other teeth, scrambled eggs are a great semi-soft item to start with


For the initial few days following surgery, broths may be a great source of nutrition and hydration, similar to soup


If you prefer to consume hummus with a spoon, that works well. For added nutrients, one might serve it with some soft bread

Home made ice cream

Ice cream's frosty texture could be pleasant to the extraction incision. But normal ice cream often contains a lot of sugar and fat


They are simple to eat, don't need to be chewed, and don't have any pieces that can irritate the surgery


It's salty, primarily broth, and the noodles are incredibly soft that even if you can't chew them, you can swallow them

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