Donald Trump Jr.'s Social Media Account Hacked

Created by. UET September 21, 2023

Donald Trump Jr.'s Social Media Account Hacked

Andrew Surabian, Donald Trump Jr.'s close advisor, confirms the hack on platform X

One of the false tweets claimed that Donald Trump had passed away and that Trump Jr. was running for president

The false tweets were taken down from Donald Trump Jr.'s account

In the backdrop of the 2024 presidential race, both Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. play significant role

Platform X faced issues following its purchase by Elon Musk, including a lawsuit against a research group

Elon Musk announced plans to introduce a small monthly payment for the use of Platform X

Other false tweets included claims related to crypto influencer Richard Heart and the SEC

n summary, the hacking of Donald Trump Jr.'s social media account on Platform X led to the spread of false information, raising concerns about online security and platform ownership

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