Djokovic vs. Shelton US Open 2023: Semi-Finals Highlights

September 09, 2023



Djokovic vs. Shelton: A Clash of Titans!

Djokovic's Dominance

Novak Djokovic's relentless pursuit of victory

Shelton's Fight

Ben Shelton's valiant effort against the world number one

Tennis Thriller Unfold

The electric atmosphere at the Arthur Ashe Stadium

Djokovic's Signature  Move

Highlights of Djokovic's incredible shot

Shelton's Resilience

Ben Shelton's never-give-up spirit on display

The Crowd Goes Wild

The roaring cheers from the passionate fan

Nail-Biting Moment

Key turning points that kept us on the edge

Djokovic's Road to the Final

What lies ahead for the tennis legend

Shelton's Post-Match Interview

Insights from the determined American

Celebrations and Anticipation

Excitement building for the US Open final


Djokovic's triumph and Shelton's unforgettable journey

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