Dallas Mayor's Shocking Party Switch: What It Means for Texas Politic

September 23, 2023 | By. UET

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson changed their party to the Republican Party

Dallas Mayor Eric Johnson has made a significant political announcement. He has officially switched his party affiliation to the Republican Party, marking a notable change in the city's political landscape

Johnson made this announcement in a Friday Wall Street Journal article where he emphasized his belief that "cities need Republicans." His move has garnered attention and sparked discussion

Johnson has often found himself in the minority on the left-leaning Dallas City Council. Last week, he was among the five votes against the newest budget, advocating for a larger tax cut for property owner

With Johnson's switch, Dallas now becomes the largest city in Texas with a GOP leader. While the city's electorate remains predominantly Democratic, this change is significant in the political landscape

It's important to note that the mayor of Dallas is ultimately a figurehead with one vote on the 15-member council. The city is primarily run by the city manager, who is appointed by the council

Johnson's decision to switch parties did not come as a surprise to those familiar with his political affiliations. He had invited Republican Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn to his inauguration, hinting at his evolving political stance

Johnson had served as a Democrat for nine years in the state House before becoming mayor in 2019. He had the backing of prominent Democratic figures during his mayoral campaign

In his Wall Street Journal article, Johnson highlighted several of his successes, including his recent reelection. However, he did not mention that he ran unopposed during his reelection

Johnson emphasized his commitment to public safety and his opposition to "defunding" the police department in 2020. Instead, he advocated for fiscal restraint by cutting city staff salarie

The Republican Party has warmly welcomed Johnson into its fold, with state House Speaker Dade Phelan expressing support for his conservative policie

As Johnson continues his political journey as a Republican, there is speculation about whether he will push for a strong-mayor system in Dallas. Additionally, there is the possibility of him running for statewide office when his term as mayor expires in 2027

Eric Johnson's party switch has added an intriguing chapter to the political story of Dallas, a city known for its vibrant and evolving political landscape

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