Cristiano Ronaldo: 15 Lesser-Known and Astonishing Facts


Early Passion for Table Tennis

Before embracing football, young Ronaldo was a devoted table tennis player, showcasing his diverse athletic abilities

Nickname Origin

Cristiano's surname, "Ronaldo," was inspired by his father's admiration for the former US President Ronald Reagan

Hat-Trick Debut

Ronaldo made a stunning professional debut for Sporting CP against Moreirense, scoring a remarkable hat-trick that hinted at his future brilliance

Unique Sporting Tattoo

Adorning his right arm, Cristiano Ronaldo's "CR7" tattoo combines his initials and iconic jersey number, becoming a symbol of his brand

Cleanliness Enthusiast

Known for his hygiene obsession, Ronaldo prefers taking two baths per day

Sleeping Schedule

Cristiano follows a distinctive sleep pattern, resting five times a day for approximately 90 minutes each, contributing to his peak performance

First Salary

Ronaldo's first professional contract at Sporting CP earned him a meager €150 per month

Frog Phobia

Despite a fear of frogs, Ronaldo overcame it during his time at Manchester United when he found one in his hotel room

Generous Blood Donor

Cristiano Ronaldo regularly donates blood and has saved an estimated 80 lives through his contributions

Ronaldo's Museum

In his hometown, Funchal, Madeira, Ronaldo established a museum showcasing his achievements, trophies, and memorabilia

Love for Canines

Ronaldo has a soft spot for dogs and has adopted several over the years

Linguistic Talent

Cristiano Ronaldo can speak five languages: Portuguese, English, Spanish, Italian, and a bit of French

Career-Saving Laser Surgery

In 2007, Ronaldo underwent laser eye surgery, significantly improving his vision and potentially saving his football career

Charitable Gesture

Cristiano once sold his Golden Boot award to raise funds for a children's charity, showcasing his commitment to philanthropy

Euro Cup Record

Ronaldo holds the record for the most goals scored (14) in the history of UEFA European Championship tournaments