He made a cameo in the TV show "The Big Bang Theory"

At 12, Elon Musk taught himself computer programming, crafting the video game "Blastar"

Avid reader - "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" is his favourite book

Elon left Stanford University after two days to pursue his entrepreneurial dreams

Despite a paragliding accident, his adventurous spirit remained undeterred

Green Curved Line

During SpaceX's early days, he invested personal money to prevent bankruptcy


"The Boring Company" was founded to revolutionise tunnelling and ease traffic

Co-founded Open AI for developing friendly AI for humanity

SpaceX's drone ship is named after a ship from "Culture" by Iain M. Banks

He had a cameo as himself in the movie "Iron Man 2"

Musk's ultimate dream - human settlement on Mars

Musk sold flamethrowers as part of The Boring Company's promotion

He is a pianist, practicing for hours daily to master the instrument

Founder of Neuralink - a company focused on brain-computer interfaces

He conceptualized the Hyperloop - a high-speed transportation system