How Did Bobby Green Defeat Tony Ferguson in the UFC 291 Lightweight Match


In an electrifying showdown at UFC 291, Bobby Green secured a stunning victory over Tony Ferguson with a third-round submission on the main card at the Delta Center in Salt Lake City. The fight showcased Ferguson’s resilience, but Green emerged triumphant in a battle that kept fans at the edge of their seats.

Round 1: Ferguson Starts Strong

The opening minutes saw Tony Ferguson come out sharp and focused. He wasted no time landing a series of powerful punches from the outside, even scoring a knockdown against Bobby Green. However, momentum shifted momentarily when an accidental eye poke from Green halted Ferguson’s aggressive onslaught.

Once the action resumed, Green found his rhythm and started connecting with well-timed strikes, making the first round a closely contested affair

Round 2: Green Dominates on the Ground

The second round turned out to be a decisive one for Bobby Green. Early on, Ferguson attempted a takedown, but Green expertly defended and ended up in a dominant top position. From there, Green unleashed a barrage of ground-and-pound strikes, inflicting considerable damage on Ferguson.

Despite his best efforts, Ferguson struggled to find success on his feet, though he managed to finish the round strong with a few impactful combinations.

Round 3: Green’s Triumph

The third round mirrored the previous ones, with Bobby Green continuing to tag Tony Ferguson at will. While Green could have played it safe and secured a decision win, he showed his hunger for victory by maneuvering into an arm-triangle choke, ultimately submitting Ferguson.

Ferguson’s Losing Streak and Green’s Redemption

With this defeat, Tony Ferguson’s losing streak extends to six fights, presenting a challenging period for the former interim champion. His last victory came against Donald Cerrone in June 2019, ending via doctors’ stoppage in the second round.

Most of Ferguson’s losses came against top-tier competition, including Justin Gaethje, Charles Oliveira, Beneil Dariush, Michael Chandler, and Nate Diaz, all of whom either held high rankings or fought for UFC titles. On the other hand, Bobby Green, despite his own recent struggles, stepped up as a worthy competitor in this matchup, improving his record with a win over Ferguson.

Retirement Speculations

At 39 years old, Tony Ferguson’s future in the lightweight division remains uncertain. While he expressed his desire to fight five more times and earn a title shot, the loss to Green might make him reconsider his plans. Retirement could be a possibility for “El Cucuy,” as the road back to title contention seems challenging.

The Unpredictable Nature of UFC

The world of UFC is full of surprises, and Tony Ferguson’s situation perfectly exemplifies that. No matter the circumstances, fighters can always make comebacks, and as history has shown, even a contract extension is not out of reach for a determined athlete.


The UFC 291 lightweight match between Bobby Green and Tony Ferguson was a rollercoaster of emotions. While Ferguson showed his tenacity and spirit, it was Green who emerged victorious with a third-round submission. The fight exhibited the heart and dedication of both athletes, leaving fans eager to witness their future endeavors in the octagon.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What was the result of the UFC 291 lightweight match between Bobby Green and Tony Ferguson?
Bobby Green secured a victory over Tony Ferguson with a third-round submission.

How did the fight start for Tony Ferguson in UFC 291?
Tony Ferguson started strong, landing powerful punches from the outside and even scoring a knockdown against Bobby Green.

What was the turning point in the fight between Green and Ferguson?
A significant moment in the fight was an accidental eye poke from Green, momentarily halting Ferguson’s momentum.

What was Tony Ferguson’s record leading up to the UFC 291 match?
Tony Ferguson was on a six-fight losing streak, with his last win coming against Donald Cerrone in June 2019.

Did Bobby Green face any recent challenges before the UFC 291 match?
Yes, Bobby Green had his share of struggles, going 2-4 with one No Contest in his last seven fights.

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