Arsenal Triumphs Over Crystal Palace with Odegaard’s Penalty

In an exciting match, Martin Odegaard’s well-executed penalty secured victory for Arsenal against Crystal Palace, marking their second consecutive win at the beginning of the season. Despite finishing with 10 players, the team showcased determination and strategy to clinch a valuable victory.

Arsenal in action of match again Crystal palace.

Captain’s Decisive Penalty

Arsenal’s captain, Martin Odegaard, stepped up in the 53rd minute to convert a spot-kick after Eddie Nketiah was fouled in the penalty area by Sam Johnstone. Odegaard’s precise strike sent the home crowd into celebration, giving Arsenal the lead they needed to dominate the match.

Tomiyasu’s Dismissal and Resolute Defense

Following the goal, the match took a dramatic turn when Takehiro Tomiyasu received two yellow cards, resulting in his dismissal. Despite the setback, Arsenal’s defense held strong, thwarting Crystal Palace’s attempts to level the score. The team’s solid rearguard display showcased their determination to protect their advantage.

Arsenal’s Momentum and Tactical Adaptation

Arsenal carried their momentum into the second half, displaying their adaptability and determination. The team’s resilience was tested when they were reduced to 10 men, but they continued to create opportunities and control the game. Mikel Arteta’s tactical adjustments and substitutions were pivotal in maintaining their advantage.

Notable Performances and Momentum Shift

The introduction of Gabriel and Jorginho bolstered Arsenal’s defensive efforts, preventing Crystal Palace from capitalizing on their numerical advantage. Despite Palace’s attempts to push forward, Arsenal’s defense remained steadfast, limiting their opponent’s scoring opportunities.

Joyous Celebrations and Promising Start

The final whistle marked a triumphant victory for Arsenal as they held on to their one-goal lead, despite Crystal Palace’s efforts to equalize. The passionate celebrations from the players reflected their dedication and unity. With six points from two games, Arsenal’s promising start to the 2023/24 campaign highlighted their determination to succeed.

Manager’s Reflection and Player Contributions

Mikel Arteta praised the team’s performance, emphasizing their resilience and commitment to securing the win. The manager acknowledged the contributions of both the starting lineup and the substitutes, who played a crucial role in adapting to challenges and maintaining control of the game.

Notable Records and Impressive Stats

The victory brought notable records for Arsenal, including their 200th Premier League away clean sheet. The team’s defensive prowess and solid performances in away games showcased their consistency and determination. Arsenal’s focus on balance between defense and attack was evident in their clean sheet record under Mikel Arteta.

Building Momentum and Looking Ahead

The win against Crystal Palace added to Arsenal’s momentum and positive start to the season. The team’s focus on both offensive and defensive aspects of the game will be instrumental in their continued success. As the campaign progresses, Arsenal aims to build on their early victories and maintain their high standards.


Arsenal’s victory over Crystal Palace demonstrated their ability to overcome challenges, adapt to adversity, and maintain control of the game. With a solid defense, strong teamwork, and the determination to succeed, Arsenal’s triumph marked a promising start to the 2023/24 season.

FAQs(Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: Who scored the winning goal for Arsenal against Crystal Palace?

A1: Arsenal’s captain, Martin Odegaard, scored the winning goal through a well-executed penalty.

Q2: How did Arsenal maintain their lead despite being reduced to 10 players?

A2: Arsenal’s resolute defense and strategic substitutions played a vital role in maintaining their one-goal lead against Crystal Palace.

Q3: What record did Arsenal achieve in the match?

A3: Arsenal achieved their 200th Premier League away clean sheet, highlighting their defensive prowess.

Q4: How did Mikel Arteta praise his team’s performance?

A4: Mikel Arteta praised his team’s resilience, commitment, and ability to adapt to challenges, emphasizing their strong teamwork.

Q5: What contributed to Arsenal’s positive start to the season?

A5: Arsenal’s solid performances, balanced approach, and unity among players contributed to their promising start to the 2023/24 season.

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